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Written By: Rene
Mar 12 2015

Blind Skateboard's Dear George Ad

The video that made us forget about Animal Chin! The skate scene was just emerging from a dayglow haze dominated by big companies and the Bones Brigade when Video Days was released and firmly said "fuck you" to the old guard.

Da Gonz, founded Blind, which he named as to represent everything opposite which his previous sponsor Vision stood for, and the rest was history.

In the late 80's/early 90's street was taking over from vert and here we see the emergence of the more technical street style we have since grown accustomed to while still maintaining a lot of the style from previous decades which has, only until recently, become appreciated again by the up and coming gen. This video still holds its own in today's world, you're treated to some insane skating by the likes of Guy Mariano, Rudy Johnson, Jordan Richter, a killer soundtrack and even catching the Gonz on a half pipe and a young Earl (Jason Lee) tearing it up on all surfaces.

An added little bit of trivia is that this film was directed and produced by the now famous filmmaker Spike Jonze.

So, take a trip down memory lane, get some stokage goin' and when it's over get your lazy ass outside!!!

NO MORE BAD FUTURE. Skull Skates est. 1978
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