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ALBUM: God's Hooks
YEAR: 2012
Written By: Attucks
Feb 17 2012

I have had a hard time naming this kind of music. I just saw two bands, last night, in the local watering hole and they both had that similar sound. I overheard someone else refer to this style of music as post-metal and even one guy said hipster metal. I think I will stick with post- metal for now. I find the sound somewhere between New York Hardcore and bands like Born Against with a bucket of Neurosis thrown in.

This download of Biipiigwan lacks in the riff department a little but not in the breakdown department. I find this to be true of most bands of this genre. Like there is too much effort into just trying to be extra heavy but not enough left over for the actual song. Just chords wailing away until the next crucial breakdown and there are lots of breakdowns here, folks. I need me some hook, homie! A catchy riff, something.

There is the saying "you are only as good as your drummer." This is very true for post metal bands. By that reasoning these guys are pretty good. Nice, big, drums across the board are one of highlights for these Canadian natives. The drums on the song Rhett are gnarly. At some points there is even a little blast beat in there.

The way the vocalist belts out his lyrics is the other highlight. This guy's voice sounds tragic! Sometimes he gurgling rocks and at other times it sounds like he might pop a blood vessel with the intensity of his hollering. Like I said it is way heavy, no two ways about it.

Vegemite is the stand out song for me. I would have to say that it is my favorite of the seven songs here. Yea, Vegemite is the shit! It starts with a super, fast hard- core riff that breaks down into a really cool but very melancholy dirge. Then high pitched guitars come swirling around with a Black-metal influence, a bit more yelling, then right back to the speedy part of the song. Extra heavy and mean, good tune.

I do like Neurosis, Yob, and Born Against, so there are some really appealing parts to this recording but it doesn't grab me on a whole. They are good for what they are doing and better than a lot of other bands I have heard of this style. If you are into these types of bands then this one will titillate you senses for sure.

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