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BAND: Big Daisy
YEAR: 2012
Written By: Rene
Oct 06 2012

Big Daisy Cover Art

Wow! We all love to find obscure music from the very beginnings of the new wave of British heavy metal, and this is one of those! The first thing which struck me was the cover art (which apparently is the same art as it appeared on their first 7")..."what the hell is this?" I thought to myself, I just had to hear what was hidden behind the prancing fat lady.

What I was greeted with was an astounding mixture or Rush, Billy Squire and maybe a bit of Geordie spiced with a tinge of early Judas Priest or Uli Jon Roth era Scorpions (especially the In Trance album) was a sound which dwelled right in that critical transition between the driving hard rock of the early to mid-seventies and the rise of leather fed brutal, galloping riffs of Thatcher era England!

This band only released a couple 7"s in their career which had apparently sold out right away, later with a lineup change they changed their name to Jury and released two more tracks ("Having A Party" and Don't Go")...all of which can be found on this one full length both on vinyl and cd.

Because this album spans the entire history of this group, there are fluctuating styles for sure, "Having A Party" is what I would regard very mainstream for the 70's though it was released in the early 80's, it's a funky, southern fried, rock n roll road house style tune for sure, but on other tracks like "Fever" it's like you catching a rare outtake from Geddy Lee's private stash... on "UFO" the bass lines I can only liken to a less intense Steve Harris and "Look To The East" is one of the best melodic jams I've ever heard, the guitar playing is so damn...eloquent.

This is the type of album to place on your turntable when you want to break away from the darkness of Venom and the high notes of Halford; perfect for when you are throwing a party with a mix of people who all may not be into the same thing or you just want to chill to some cool tunes.

While trying to find more about this album, I discovered that these guys had had a tough time getting things off the ground; practicing in a chicken shed on a farm outside of Lichfield and recording tracks in the bathroom of the vocalist's pad! It seems Big Daisy fell victim of being at the wrong place at the wrong time; by 1980 people were already picking up Maiden and Priest had found their stride with the epic "British Steel"...neither of which this band could be compared to at that moment in time. Had this album been released in '75 with the right backing, just before disco would take hold of the American music scene, I have no doubt that Big Daisy would have found multi-platinum success.

Let me be extremely clear about this, this is not Crucifixion, Witchfynde, Grim Reaper or Diamond Head and its links to NWOBHM certainly lies in the hard rock roots of the movement but, nevertheless, it has some tunes which will make ANY rock n roll enthusiasts turn the volume dial up.

Big Daisy - Footprints on the Water by NoiseFilthFury


Big Daisy - Fever by NoiseFilthFury


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