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BAND: Beyond Creation
ALBUM: The Aura
YEAR: 2011
Written By: Attucks
Jul 14 2011

From Montreal, Quebec comes Beyond Creation with their style of melodic, tech-metal. I will start off by saying I really like the ultra low cookie monster vocals mixed with the occasional higher pitched growling screams. This is definitely new era death metal.

The song structure is cool but at times just too much, it seems like they are trying too hard. They seem to be in a constant battle between noodling nonstop and just writing a bad ass song. I can find this recording a little bit too squirrely making the tracks lose their hook. They just blaze along through whole songs sometimes without any point. The last cut on the recording is "Deported" and it goes on for over eleven minutes definitely hitting on some cool parts but losing me half way through. It just starts to become background noise instead of continually grabbing my attention.

They have some really cool songs with rad hooks like the opening track "No Request for the Corrupted". They seem to be able to write a complicated song without it getting too mathematical and dry for the most part. They change it up quite a bit and they are able to keep somewhat of a groove, but some of the songs seem to be riffs piled on riffs with no direction.

Don't get me wrong these Canadian natives are wicked talented. Their mix of the technical with the melodic does not fall completely flat. Every song has them raging out all kinds of solos and crazy catchy riffs with precise picking. Really cool, heavy breakdowns, like in the song "Coexistence".

The moody, classical parts that mesh in with the truly evil parts of the songs make this over all, a pretty good Melodic Death Metal album. The double guitar assault is pulled off well, even the bassist is nuts flying all over the place. "Omnipresent Perception is the proof of that. No laziness at all. The drummer is a pro. The great drumming through out the record really makes it for me. Killer blasts and the double bass work is spot on.

This recording is sick!!! Every instrument comes blaring through my speakers crystal clear. I think if the band were to work a little more on just writing a good song instead of trying to blow minds with insane riffage they would score higher on my list. Just tone it down a touch boys.
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