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BAND: Battery
ALBUM: Mental Pollution
YEAR: 2012

Deadbangers/Witch Hammer Productions

Written By: Rene
Mar 30 2012

battery cover art

Holy crap, this must be my lucky week, yet another killer thrash offering from a group of young mad Danes just landed in my mailbox!

I am pretty stoked about this one, 'cause it is still in the process of being pressed and here I am blowing my eardrums to it! First off, let me just say that it's as thrash as it comes, no beating around the bush or flirting with other genres, no grooooove, this is straight up heavy as lead ore, Danny Lilker styled metal!

To my pleasant surprise, The production value on this is a bit higher than the usual demo/EPs put out by young bands; for the budget these dudes had, it's well produced. Plus there are little added touches, such as that with the first song, "The Hazmat Squad"; a sick air raid siren and then the percussive shock of a bomb explosion serves as the precursor to a fantastically aggressive barrage of insane metal. "Metal pollution" is one of those albums which just don't let up until it's over...and that's the way it should be! The first song, which I just mentioned, "Revolt", "Conquer and Colonize", and the title track "Mental Pollution" are ALL rippers!!

Though, you hear a bit of the aggressiveness from the early years of the HC influenced New York thrash scene, Battery's style is more like what you'd hear out west with bands like Vio-Lence; they would've been right at home in the Bay area. I really dig the vocal style on this album, it brings the thrash style back across the Atlantic to the oldschool haunts like that of Ruthie's Inn.

Without a doubt, these guys have the chops to go big; the guitar playing is as fast and clean as I've heard from any thrash band, the changes on each track are perfect and they know exactly where to drop in the jaw dropping leads. If you're a fan of thrash, you know damned well of what I're digging a song, the band tries to thrown in a hook and all of a sudden your head is flopping around like a bobblehead trying to catch the tempo again! Only the best can break the sound barrier and keep their shit together while doing so.

Battery is yet another band which really gives me hope; yeah sure, there's some sick stuff out there, but one thing which made thrash so awesome was that it was pure, no makeup, no flash, just in-your-face emotion! The music isn't a wild cacophony of indecipherable garbage, yeah it's fast, yeah it's aggressive but, damn it, you can clearly hear each musician express themselves with the music as you're flailing around the pit; it's a strange super nova of harmony!

My final analysis? Battery is worth keeping a very close eye on, they blow away most of the famous so-called "thrash" bands signed to big labels today!! Hell, they crush a lot of metal bands, no matter what genre, like steel-toed boots smashing in the ribs of some poor schmuck unlucky enough to trip over his shoestrings at a S.O.D. show!

BATTERY - REVOLT - MENTAL POLLUTION (EP 2012) by Destructor666thrash

Record label from Oakland, CA. Home of CANNABIS CORPSE, GHOUL, DIRECT CONTROL, KICKING SPIT, and many more.
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