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BAND: Barren Waste
ALBUM: Dreaming In Aeons
YEAR: 2011


Written By: Brian Brinson
Nov 15 2011

Boasting a population of little more than 15,000 people, Milford, New Hampshire is known as "The Granite Town In the Granite State", as it was once home to numerous granite quarries. Lo and behold, BARREN WASTE have stepped forth to announce Milford as home to something even more rock solid!! Influenced by bands such as Integrity, Pig Destroyer, Slayer, Motorhead, Death and Iron Maiden, this four-piece death/grind/sludge act are responding positively to the lack of a present local metal scene with the fury and intensity of a behemoth awakened rudely from a slumber of imprisonment.

With the upcoming release of their album, "Dreaming In Aeons", on the horizon, Max Clark (vocals), Scott Crocker (bass), Rich Libby (drums) and Alex Silverman (guitar) are continuing to hand down a force of pure strength in grind metal!! Delivering their fast-directed messages within a collage of spiritual aesthetics, BARREN WASTE have managed to encompass a myriad design without ever losing their edge. "Egress" opens the track list up with a direct punch to the face of pure cerebral splitting heavy-ass metal, after which "Silver Eyed" eases effortlessly between the fast action riffs into a sludgy, doom melody and back again. Penultimately, "Smoker's Cough" even traverses into a very dismal tribal design, before "A Flaying Perspective" directs the listener to the end with an almost psychedelic lull.

Formed merely in January of 2011, BARREN WASTE are proving themselves to be a force to be reckoned with, producing their art, as well as continuing to play a dedicated delivery of local shows in their personal effort to develop a growing and imaginative metal scene in their home town. A certain and undeniable one now exists with the name of BARREN WASTE written in stone!!

Have a listen to the album now!

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