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BAND: Baptists
ALBUM: Bushcraft
YEAR: 2013
Written By: Rick
Feb 07 2013

What a great debut album from these guys from Vancouver, BC. This band just jumps out of the gate and pounds you in the face with their blend of sludge, d beat, hardcore and a bit of doom that all works to create a heavy, pounding brutal album that leaves you wanting more.

The songs are mostly short blasts of energy, with "Soiled Roots" being the longest at over five minutes and has the most doom feel to it on the album with it's super slow and heavy beat. The other songs on here are mostly faster and get you rocking out and playing some air guitar because there is some nice guitar work on here. The drumming is relentless, just pounding away across each track, the bass just adds that extra heaviness to the album as well. You have some really angry, pissed off vocals on the album that make the energy given off by this band even more powerful. These guys show just how talented they are by going super fast and bringing it down again on this album, they realy have the chops and are more than just your average hardcore band, they go the extra mile with this release.

As a debut, these guys really hit it out of the park and I hope that what they've started with this album, they can continue to keep the high quality going on future releases. You know the pit will be wild when these guys come to your town, get in there and mosh like crazy to them and give them a look and a like on their Facebook for a chance of them coming to your area. 

Four "well seasoned" veterans of the Boston Punk and Hardcore scene!
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