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BAND: Aura Noir
ALBUM: Out To Die
YEAR: 2012
Written By: Brian Brinson
Mar 17 2012

Aura Noir Band Portrait

AURA NOIR, Norwegian black/thrash metal ministers are back with their fifth full-length release, "Out To Die". AURA NOIR, consisting of members of Immortal, Mayhem, Virus and Ave Inferi, and self-proclaimed as "the ugliest band in the world", are an intense thrash band incorporating wicked dark elements, and this album is nothing short of a proclamation of just that!! From start to finish, this was a wild, hellish ride of pure, raw metal, and, as I would expect from thrash, has quite catchy hooks. The evolutionary progress AURA NOIR have come to be known for with each album is quite present here as well.

Let me start with "Trenches", the first of 8 tracks. Charging right out of the gate with all the fury of hell at its heels, this sets the pace for "Out To Die", proving from the very start that AURA NOIR not only are an element of metal brutality, but immediately pointing in the direction of the fact that these guys just seem to get better with each album!! There is no boring overplayed riffs here, either. "Deathwish" makes its appearance right before the conclusion of the album, again bringing another tome of blistering thunder through my speakers. To be honest, everything on this disc shreds!! This album is definitely to be played loud and in know the kind.

Due for release in March of 2012 on Indie Recordings, this milestone of an album will most definitely please the most diehard fan as well as the critic alike, for this beast is more fierce, more powerful, more brutal than that which came before it.

AURA NOIR can be followed on their official site , Facebook, Myspace, or at Indie Recordings and this might be the perfect opportunity to do so in anticipation of the upcoming release of this galloping debauchery because, after all, isn't it about time to do something nice for yourself?
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