Moshers, wind damage from Irene and the ever present FREE TUNES!

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Written By: Rene Trujillo
Aug 31 2011

You know how we love to turn you onto some bands that you may not have heard of, or perhaps you have, but what really gets us stoked is giving away free tunes!

Here is our first offering, actually it's from the U.K. punk band Disasters who hail from the town of Leeds.  The self-titled album may be just what the doctor ordered to get you through the rest of the week.  Enjoy!

Next up is a really awesome free compilation album from the folks over at Boston Phoenix as a part of their "metal issue" dubbed "The heaviest phoenix ever".

Not only does this comp, titled "The Phoenix Born Of Fire Vol. 1",  have some really kick-arse tunes, but they also have a track from "Panzerbastard", whose recent release we just reviewed, entitled: "Gods, Thugs, And Madmen"...the whole album shreds!

wind damage from hurricane ireneFrom out on the Cape in Massachusetts we get word that the crew at Give Praise Records have made it through the tirade of hurricane Irene.  Pual sez that the girl really huffed and puffed, but though she blew many trees down, she didn't get the Give Praise headquarters!

And speaking of Give Praise, there's a couple bits of news we'd like to convey:

First, Give Praise has just launched a new monthly newsletter/magazine named "Hearorsay" which you can subscribe to now! And as always, the Give Praise free music samplerguys are celebrating by giving away a bad-ass sampler of tunes which includes equally bad-ass art by Frank Oblak featuring the music from:

  • Black Hole of Calcutta - "Total Collapse"
  • Black Market Fetus - "Eat Led"
  • Brodys Militia - "Bite The Bottle"
  • Bruce Campbell - "Murder Ink"
  • Failure Face - "All Pain, No Gain"
  • Hummingbird of Death - "The World Needs This"
  • Kouleman Nyplaajat - "Rummisarkkusi on Wessani"
  • Line Up Your Lies - "Collapse of Faith"
  • Lycanthrophy - "Don't Trust Them, Trust Yourself"
  • Masochrist - "Human Scum"
  • Ratbag - "Sick"
  • Skull Collector - "Mildewed Minds"
  • Thrak - "Untitled"
  • Titanarum - "Too Old to Live, Too Weak to Die"

score it now (oh, and why you're there, get the Give Praise Sampler #1 as well)!

Also, a couple more things from Give Praise: The BackSlider / Chainsaw To The Face 7" (re-press) will be available in late September and Buried At Birth will be doing a full length CD with Give Praise, check the brutal vid below:

Buried at Birth "KillYourself" by skaterock666

Also, U.K. thrashheads, Evile is going to do a special Kerrang! sponsored show in their hometown of Holmfirth at the Picturedrome on October 2nd to celebrate the release of their album "Five Serpent's Teeth" evile U.K. concert posterwhich we had the joy of reviewing.

EVILE lead guitarist OL DRAKE comments:

"It's been a long time since we played so close to home. One venue we've always wanted to play near to home is the Picturedrome in Holmfirth. We've teamed up with Kerrang! magazine to have a very special album release show at that very venue. We can't wait to play the new material so close to home after such a long time, and we're honoured to have the great Kerrang! sponsoring this special event. See you all there!"

EVILE frontman MATT DRAKE adds:

"At long last we can announce that we are playing a local show! We haven't played locally in nearly 3 years, so it's about time we did so. We are heading into the green hills of Holmfirth to play at a place called the Picturedrome, which is the place to go to see older rock bands, so for one night we're turning it into a building full of METAL. Hopefully everyone who used to watch us locally back in the day can turn out to see us, along with all the new blood, and make it a night to remember!"

If you're gonna be in the area, you can score tickets HERE.

And a quick little comment here; seems that The Greenery out of Long Beach will be touring this fall with metallic hardcore legends Ringworm, so if you're fans, be sure to check 'em out.  They have also released a new vid for "Spit and Argue" and your viewing pleasure.

The Greenery - Spit & Argue (Official Music Video) by ProstheticRecords

vried dvd coverAlso, we can't leave out the fans of black metal, Norwegian Band Vried has just released their first dvd which contains footage of their performance at the Inferno Festival in 2009. It includes, among other things, interviews, behind the scenes footage, previously unseen live footage and studio diaries...a must see for those who dig the darker side of Scandinavia.  You can buy it here.

Oh, and we have a bit of news ourselves, it's huge actually, absolutely amazing stuff...oh shoot! Sorry folks, we're outta time, so I'll leave it until next week.

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