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BAND: Appalachian Terror Unit
ALBUM: It's Far From Fucking Over Discography
YEAR: 2010
Written By: Sophia
Feb 13 2013

Overall: The first track introduces the newly acquainted with a theme that runs through several ATU song: the destruction of the environment in the pursuit corporate dollars. There's some nice dirge-y parts that have beautiful melodies behind them in several songs, not only the opening track but also "They're All The Fucking Same" to name a few. This band's total output spans quite a few releases, so this collection actually does cover some audibly different periods this band went through. 4.5 (Half point taken away for choosing similar-sounding songs on a discography, but to be fair if your band has put out even half of this much material, who the hell can blame you?)

Lyrical Content: Spans environmental destruction, cannabis legalization, the systematic nature of wealth distribution, and (from what I could garner from "Greenwashing,") corporate and personal manipulation of an environmentalist image. The fact that these songs come off as informational and personal says much: these are issues close to the heart(s) of whoever wrote the lyrics and music. They seem to be words meant to actually express genuine rage and anxiety instead of shame or school anyone listening.

Vocals: Spewed, raw, driven vocals express fury and a desperate need to convey the gravity of the issues being addressed. Other members of the band contribute vocals as well, so there's some good contrast going on in several songs.

Guitars: The soaring guitar parts on "Enslaved" are my favorites on the discog, the tone is clean and stands out beautiful on top of the gravelly, chaotic and intertwining parts on the rest of the song. "Legalize or Die" has that wrist-cracking thrash thing going on, and has useful information conveyed in it that anyone using cannabis that doesn't want to sound like a dumbass may want to actually listen to the lyrics for.

Rhythm Dynamics: "Bullet and a Bomb" was bottom heavy and, though I hate this word, has a "groove" that I could see myself hurting my neck to at a live show.


Appalachian Terror Unit - Armageddon Won't Be Brought By Gods.... by viciouscesar

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