ThrashHead Articles & Rants

14 Jun 2011

Hello From The Gutter Pt Deux

So once again it is time in my life that I start throwing shows. I can't afford the…

13 Jun 2011

No sleep till Austin: Ed's Chaotic Adventures

ThrashHead's Editor In Chief tells his tale from an Austin moshpit.

01 Jun 2011

Mtv Get Off The Air!

For the past 31 years there has been a tumor on music and society as a whole, a cancerous,…

24 May 2011

The First Editorial Un-fucking-believable!!!!! I can't believe I am sitting here…

22 May 2011

Hello from the gutter

I have played in bands for the last 20 plus years and in every band there is the…

18 May 2011

A Life Worth Living

Wendy O Williams made an indelible mark on the music world, and in doing so, brought…

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