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05 Aug 2011

A needle in the groove: The tale of Ripple Music.

The origins of Ripple Music: the DIY label is bringing the guts back to rock n roll.

25 Jul 2011


Legendary (to us anyway!) COLORADO PUNX, F.I.A., REUNITE…Here’s the scoop!

25 Jul 2011

The history of FIA from the perspective of our homeboy Justin…

Before I moved to Denver in the mid-nineties, before the CLUSTERFUX or any of the…

14 Jul 2011

"From where the sun now stands....."

"From where the sun now stands....." opinion piece about manifest destiny, Native…

11 Jul 2011

Pyrate Punx, Picnics, and Cheap Trick! Summertime rules!

The First Denver Pyrate Punx Picnic!

06 Jul 2011

May you rot in hell! The sleazy tactics of News Corp exposed.

Finally, the world may have had enough of Rupert Murdoch and News Corp!

24 Jun 2011

Save the whales, Recycle today, be kind rewind...Thoughts about sustainable development

Here at ThrashHead we are going to make a concerted effort to write about social…

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