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11 Oct 2012

Striking Justice EP Release Gig And Photographer Tessa Is There!

In July 2011 Striking Justice released the full length album "Building". After which…

29 Aug 2012

The New Face Of Fascism?

As someone who has been abroad for quite some time, there are two things which have…

30 Jul 2012

Ugh...Am I that old really?

When I was a kid, I remember seeing a Cadillac commercial on television with a pair…

03 May 2012

Wes Loves EP's

What do Church of Disgust, Dog Shredder, Cop Problem and Volture have in common?…

26 Apr 2012

Superchrist/Abysme/Lady Beast at Howlers Coyote Cafe, Sunday, April 22

I have a philosophy about Sunday night shows. If I’m gonna skulk into work on Monday…

26 Mar 2012

Concert Review: Onslaught/Mpire of Evil show in Tempe

I want to start things off by giving Tony who IS Mosh Pit Army a huge clap on the…

29 Feb 2012

FORWARD INTO HISTORY – The Legendary ENGLISH DOGS mark their territory on a recent stop to the Mile High City

I dug through my closet and retrieved my old vest. The one over saturated in studs…

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