ThrashHead Articles & Rants

11 Oct 2014

Genre Wars

Angsty, gritty wordplay pulled a lot of us into the genres of punk and metal. The…

11 Oct 2014


So, I want to be clear right from the start, this is not a straight edge rant, as…

02 Jun 2014

Saint Vitus at The Highline Bar

The evening started in unorthodox fashion. St. Vitus was playing a venue some six…

17 Feb 2014

Toxic Holocaust, Exhumed and Gomorrah at the Marquis Theater

Toxic Holocaust hit the road after the release of their new album "Chemistry of Consciousness"…

12 Jan 2014

Throwing Down With The Metal at Crabby Don's

A Saturday night show!!! For us old timers these rule!!

31 Dec 2013

Mad Max Shares His Favs Of 2013

What goddamn business do I have writing one of these one might ask?

27 Dec 2013

Max's bad ass must hear EP & Demo list for 2013!

I never meant for this Demos & EPs list to get so out of control but, once I started…

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