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ALBUM: Slouching towards Bethlehem - 7” EP
YEAR: 2011

self-released? Band's Myspace

Written By: Val Landrum
Jun 15 2011

Very cool post-punk with guitar work that shows some influence of JOY DIVISION or KILLING JOKE but with a rawer edge, and the overall impression makes my mind keep going back to old anarcho-punk like DIRT.

I think even the band name harkens back to a RUBELLA BALLET record. The vocals are sung in a clear way with great range and her style is unique and urgent.  This record is definitely a punk record but makes good use of melody without being a particularly poppy record.

I love the slightly trebly production which adds to the feeling that this is older than it is but the bass and guitars have great definition and the combination makes the overall sound awesome. I could listen to this over and over and over, especially the b-side...I know I want to see them live.  I also know the guitarist was once with SIGNAL LOST but I like this even better.

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