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BAND: Archaios
ALBUM: The Distant
YEAR: 2011
Written By: Brian Brinson
Dec 29 2011

archaios band portrait

The true definition of metal is found in the hearts of the Dominican Republic's ARCHAIOS. This quintet, forming in 1994, have not had the same luxuries those of us in The States have grown to take for granted, things like well stocked music stores to increase ones level of influence, a local scene to expand ones local network, band after band touring through to create a social atmosphere of like-minded community members, or even the comfort of their parent's basement or garage to practice in. No, these guys worked for every single thing they have at this point. Thanks to their recent partnership with Dark Canvas Records, ARCHAIOS has their first globally released album, marking them in the archives of history to be one of the first bands from that part of the world to accomplish this.

Featuring Eric Cruz on Guitars, JC Castillo on Guitars, Ramsey Delarge on Vocals, David Masalles on Bass and Johandy UreƱa on Drums, this melodic death metal act from Santo Domingo even draws on an almost progressive blackened element in their music, bringing their tales to life in their form. "Gathering the Silence" is a mesmerizing journey between cantonic gestures of their certainly suited abilities, even making a brief, but eloquent passage through an almost classically rock and roll bridge. "Approaching Of My Demise" even masterfully walks away from the direct punch of death metal to deliver a synth industrial finish in the last couple of minutes of its delivery.

There is honestly not enough that could be written about this album. Based on the musicianship itself, this piece could even find itself dominated by the pure adulation of the ability ARCHAIOS has to carry the full 50 minutes through a constant evolution. Released worldwide in November of 2011, "The Distant" will prove to be a well worn addition to ones collection.

Archaios - Gathering the Silence by ProphetOf Melodeath

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