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BAND: A.N.S / Ramming Speed
ALBUM: Split 12"
YEAR: 2011


Written By: Rene Trujillo
Nov 16 2011

Yeah, as always, Tankcrimes has some sick offerings, this time we get our hands on one of their best, a split with two bands that tear it up. On side A we've got crossover Texas shredders A.N.S and on the flipside we've got Beantown metal badasses Ramming Speed.

A.N.S band portrait

These two bands complement each other but are incredibly unique to the other. Right away from the A.N.S. song "Pine's Perdition" we've got some crunchy guitars with Chris Wall belting out the lyrics with a hint of Dogtown's favorite boy Mike Muir in his voice.

Each of A.N.S' offerings on this side rip it up, with tempos reminiscent of those of late eighties west coast Hardcore, a good mash of oldschool punk and Thrash, some of da kine crossover stye to be sure. At times, I am also catching a touch of Ginn in the guitar work, especially at the beginning of "Can't Let This Go" and "Roehr's War".

First side comes to an end and I am really stoked about what I have heard, though they are Lone Star there is a definite Cali feel to these guys, as if they had combined the best of the early HC scene in the south and the Thrash scene up north, yet with definite new school influences thrown into the mix.

ramming speed band portrait

Next, my ears melt off of my head as I get smashed to the ground with the power of Ramming Speed; immediately I am met with a storm of mind boggling speed and vocals which, halfway through the first song, switches style to growls reminiscent of Swedish Death Metal or maybe Grindcore ala Napalm Death's Barney and then back again. The tightness with which these guys play harkens back to the glory days of thrash...yes! When the track "Betrayed" ends, my jaw is left agape and I am stunned.

"The Last Drop" begins, and once again, Ramming Speed is serving up some super tasty thrash metal rhythms with a side of face melting riffs. The drumming is insane on all three tracks; blast beat, d-beat, whatever it is, you can feel the heat! Ramming Speed isn't for wimps man, these guys are simply shredding their instruments to the very brink of human ability. It's tight and yet raw...the talent across the board is clearly recognizable.

The metallic intensity of these tracks are telling me, that the pits at a Ramming Speed show are brutal and you'd had best know what the fug you're doin' if you dare enter one. High velocity and hard hitting, Ramming Speed is pure metal and the best kind too, with its underground edge.

Matter of fact, I am getting so in to these guys, that the only reason why I can't give this split a full-blown five star is that I could have used a couple more Ramming Speed tracks. But that's cool I could always score their Brainwreck album

The B-side ends with "Perdition" and it is the perfect closing to this album; sick riffs, crushing vocals and mind blowing beats. I sit back and can't help but listen to this a second time; both A.N.S and Ramming Speed crush it on this album! No writing, just turn the dial and dig it for what it is: one hell of an aggression session. Damn straight! A righteous album if there ever was one.

Ramming Speed @ Tankcrimes Brainsqueeze by djstef415

ANS Live at the Tankcrimes Brainsqueeze (1/2) by TDBRecords

Four "well seasoned" veterans of the Boston Punk and Hardcore scene!
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