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Written By: Rene
Oct 04 2014

This is a new section here in TH and there's a billion and one videos out there yet to still discover, but for the first entry, we felt, what da fuck? Might as well post a classic!

Just so you know, this area will highlight some of the cooler things we run across hiding in the dark corners of the interwebs, but for now, we're going to post a flick which existed long before the digital highway!

Social Distortion and Youth Brigade on tour! This film was an iconic documentary which help spread the hardcore punk cultures flourishing on the west and east coasts of the U.S. into the heartland.

For some, this was this film in particular which began their journey into the blood, sweat, turbo charged world of punk rawk.

From the opening scene of young punx doing the HB strut until the last, this film is fun...if you're too young to have everĀ  known the earliest years of hardcore, then this is a time capsule which you can't miss...because you'll see that things were actually not that different than they are today, you'll be able to identify with many of these punks (who actually might be your parents if you look closely! HA!)


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