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BAND: Another Hell
ALBUM: Drowning In Dirt EP
YEAR: 2011


Written By: Rene Trujillo
Oct 13 2011

There is nothing better than getting turned onto some seriously friggen kick arse music by labels, no word of mouth, just by pure chance.  This is exactly one of those instances.

Another Hell, formerly known as Aqua-head, is a Swedish band who describes themselves as being "rust metal" which they define as "a progressive mix of sludge and groove metal".  Though I can hear a bit of sludge in there through Kristoffer Englund's growls, I also hear a lot of thrash and HC flowing from Henrick Samuelsson's D/blast beats combination as well as the ripping axe work, from both Englund and Olof Gardeström and Jim Edström's heavy bass.

These guys are authentic, a band whose music does all the speaking for them. The growling vocals, which is so prevalent in various metal genres nowadays, often really turns me off an album, because the vocal style is so overused and I think a lot of musicians never realize how much talent it really takes to pull it off.  This is not the case here! Singer Englund backs off just enough to make it a perfect complement to the aggression being pushed through my headphones.  Also, there is a solid rhythm throughout, another thing which many bands seemed to have forgotten, speed and leads aren't the be all and end all.   Rhythm has always been critical to music, it lifts the listener to not only hear but to FEEL the music as well; it would take but a few seconds of these guys before folks would be forming a pit and stage diving.

Anti-capitalist and pro environment, Another Hell isn't screeching out nonsensical b.s., the opening track "Redemption"  begins with a snippet from Harry S Truman's radio address to the United States towards the end of World War II: "The first atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima". It's an eerie intro to say the least, but to me it had a much more powerful impact considering that was the speech which ushered in a new era in American politics where the Military Industrial Complex was the driving force behind foreign and domestic policy.  Now, whether or not this is intentional, I do not know, but what follows is a overwhelming torrent of molten metal! Dig the lyrics:

"Take my life just shut it down
Bring me the rope
Holocaust like falling bricks
Days and nights so endless now
Two-faced lies and tricks

Slaves of modern time
Starve their greed and hopes for human rights

Ashes and dust we all die the same
Says I
Ashes and dust we all die the same
The cure, redeem the poor

Forced to find my way in life
Twisting the law
Redemption for a crippled whore
Try to forgive what's been done
It's no world for poor"

"Drowning In Dirt" just gets better and better, "Last Choking Breath", "Face The Consequences", "Watch It All Burn" and "Navigate To Nowhere" are each unbridled kernels of devastating aggression which is delivering its message with an assault of superb precision.

This EP is a solid offering, I find no weakness whatsoever in it, if you're into thrash, sludge, doom, hardcore, whatever,  you will really dig this album because it is seemingly drawing it's inspiration from all the above; it's got it all!

This is no mere play once and walk away album, you'll soon find yourself listening to it a few times.  And you know what? These guys are straight up DIY and there is absolutely NO EXCUSE not to get this EP right this very second! Why? Cause, though you can certainly buy their music via various digital delivery platforms, you can also get it for free!   So, in the end, just like many of the Anarcho-punk bands we love who spread their art around without asking for a dime, they do need your support.  Buy a t-shirt, buy a single track, buy the album if you have a little extra cash; hell, even just get the word out to everyone you know...just pay these guys back in any way you can, cause "Drowning In Dirt" is one fuggin' awesome album!

Check out a couple of their vids. Also, I hear through the grapevine that these guys are going to be putting out a full length LP soon, so keep up with 'em on the interwebs.

Groove metal: Another Hell - Navigate to Nowhere (2010) by ANOTHER HELL

Groove metal: Another Hell - Redemption (2010) by ANOTHER HELL

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