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BAND: Angelus Apatrida
ALBUM: The Call
YEAR: 2012
Written By: Rene
Apr 29 2012

Once again the mighty Angelus Apatrida storms out of Spain to deliver a monster album of metal brilliance! The Call follows up 2010's savage oeuvre Clockwork and it delivers!

The album tears straight into you with "You Are Next" with savage guitar work, aggressive vocals and sublime speed metal beats. As to be expected from these guys, it just keeps getting better from here.

"At The Gates Of Hell" continues on its mission of decimating without mercy with Angelus Apatrida's double bass beat down and an ever so slight touch of Pantera-like groove before tumbling head first into "Violent Dawn" which is a straight up bone crusher of thrash, replete with killer leads and awesome tempo changes!

I could go track by track, but there isn't any need, they are all throwing down with the energy necessary to satiate almost any headbanger's thirst for full-throttle Heavy Metal; the kind a metal which will kick your teeth in and walk away grinning. "It's Rising", "Blood On The Snow" (which starts off with a nice technical guitar intro before exploding like a seemingly harmless old firecracker which leaves you with several bloody stumps where your fingers once were) "Killer Instinct" , "The Hope Is Gone", "Fresh Pleasure" , "Still Corrupt" (One of my top picks for its ability to get a pit going) and the final track "Reborn" (There's a touch of Iced Earth styled power metal in the choruses on this one) are all gems which cannot be denied!

Angel Apatrida have toured relentlessly and have played with some of the best such as Slayer, Megadeth, Skeletonwitch and Warbringer among many others and there's a reason why, because they can hold their own with both the new and oldschool masters!

If you are a fan of Angelus Apatrida you MUST NOT deny yourself this album! Yes, it's time for you to go jump into the sofa in order to scrape the funds together, because it's a must have! And if you've never had the chance to get into these Spanish metalleros then it's high time that you did, outstanding heavy friggen metal which will have you shaking your head in disbelief and wondering why you hadn't invested in some decent speakers!

ANGELUS APATRIDA - You Are Next (OFFICIAL VIDEO) by Century Media Records

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