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Written By: Fish
Oct 11 2014

have an anarchy beer

So, I want to be clear right from the start, this is not a straight edge rant, as I am not straight edge. I imbibe periodically. But everything in moderation allows for life itself to present the wonders of its own intoxication. This, in itself, is currently digressive though.

Now I know the times have changed, and punk rock isn't what it used to be. Many of us still hold dearly to those bands that helped form our scene in the early years, and keep a sense of rebellion that lasts us a lifetime. The topic I wish to address is alcoholism. Drink, the forbidden fruit most kids growing up in western society are first aware of as taboo during their youth. How many of us know the thrill of getting wasted that first time as a kid? How liberating it felt! The truth is, drinking can be fun. Shit, so can buying my bed sheets for 60% cheaper than many other places when I choose to shop at Walmart. Eek! Did I just fucking conjure the fucking devil? Did I just mention the unmentionable?

Humor me with your audience briefly. How many shows do you go to where you find people tailgating with a box of PBR, or brown bag clad 40 ounce bottles of malt liquor, and a pint of Kentucky Deluxe neatly placed in the inside pocket of their patched vest? And how many do you know who refuse to go to all ages shows when a bar is not made available? Now, as destructive as I feel living as an alcoholic is in of itself, I'm not here to get on my soapbox about that. No, I'm here to call every anti corporate, anti capitalist, anti establishment, anti what-the-fuck-ever whoever you are punk or metalhead a fucking hypocrite. You are a hypocrite.

Just as Walmart mass produces it's products to offer the Rollback Prices it does, so do all these alcohol companies mass produce these vessels of swill to offer to a down and out culture at an affordable price.

Alcohol, like all the other mind-control medications that are generating obscene amounts of revenue and big bucks for Big Pharma and Big Brother these days, merely substitutes symptomatic treatment for cure. It takes away the pain of a dull, drab existence for a few hours at best, then returns it in abundance. So, the affirmative action that would address the root causes of our despondency is replaced by a mass produced toxin, marketed to a living demographic target. This is the same story I hear fly off the lips of kids everywhere. The fact that TV brainwashes the sheeple in order to advertise shit we don't need at prices we can afford. And it's all substandard merchandise imported from a country that just seeks financial gain. So, what's the difference? And don't even get me started on tobacco.

But, as earlier mentioned, alcohol as the forbidden fruit when denied to us at a young age only makes drinking that much more exciting to young people, and when opportunity knocks, most immediately assert their independence with a direct rebellion. So, where is the true rebellion here? Where have we lost sense of what true rebellion is about? Isn't it about personal responsibility to effect change? To teach our you a more positive set of solutions to the woes of the world than we worked with? When our angst ridden youth come to shows they look up to us and it is our responsibility to offer the next generation the wisdom our generation has generated, but if all we have to offer them is the image of a 40 year old man drunk and staggering then what impression are we leaving? Again I digress.

It's all just feeding the machine. It just keeps turning the wheel for the bigger corporate heads behind it. Every little cent spend generates profit for these businesses, and this is such a standard staple of anarchistic culture. Stand up against being their slaves! Like I said, I drink, but seldom. Enjoy life...imbibe...celebrate...but do not be consumed by consumerism.

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