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BAND: Age Of Collapse
ALBUM: Burden Of Beast 12" LP
YEAR: 2012
Written By: Val
Mar 07 2012

I like everything about this one; as soon as it was put in my hands I couldn't wait to hear it. With creepy yet beautiful artwork courtesy of Joseph Sanchez and the logo for Aborted Society Records out of Seattle, I knew. Oh, clear vinyl too!

And AGE OF COLLAPSE do not disappoint. With a clearly modern sound and crisp recording that lets the multitude of textures all come thru, they pound their way thru seven tracks with precision and apparent musical talent. Burden Of Beast is simultaneously an a-typical crust punk record and still somehow familiar at the same time. There are elements being drawn from a wide range of sources but the arrangements of those elements that AGE OF COLLAPSE construct seem fresh and very creative. This LP stretches itself stylistically without ever feeling like it is overreaching. Haunting scenes that are subtle and even tender juxtaposed against pummeling and urgent hardcore all coming together and creating a powerhouse of sound and raw emotion. One aspect of this that I really like is the multiple vocalist that weigh in at different times. Sounds like all the members are moved to add their voice to the cataclysmic whole. Unsparing and savage AND quiet and reflective. In one word...Passion.

Is it that new bands concern themselves less with a particular sound and style and thereby all their influences are able to coexist within their songs or is it that the mishmash of styles is itself a new style? Whatever it is, I have heard a few bands recently that are able to pull this off spectacularly and AGE OF COLLAPSE are definitely one of them.

Lyrically AGE OF COLLAPSE are able to create powerful images with lines like "No, you won't build your pearly gates with my ivory". The track titled Hands That Take in particular moved me with its line "You can apologize to your children for a blue world they will never know". The world painted by these guys is pretty dark and bleak indeed. Though the future looks grim, I feel that AGE OF COLLAPSE will survive.

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