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Written By: Josh Mosh
Aug 09 2011

AGAINST EMPIRE is an anarcho-punk band form Los Angeles California.  They have been together for about 11 years and are better than ever, at the top of their game if you will,  Over the years they have released several 7"s and LPs as well as a split LP with the band ISKRA.  They recently released their new LP on PROFANE EXISTENCE records, it can be ordered here.

My old band had the pleasure of playing with these dudes a few times.  On their most recent stop to Denver they destroyed the Blast O Mat with their blend of crusty punk rock that borrows a little from the world of metal as well.  I was blown away by how tight they were, a tightness that only a well seasoned touring machine can achieve.

AGAINST EMPIRE was kind enough to spend a few minutes to talk to me about LA Punk, the history of the band and punk rock politics.  Please watch the video below:

THRASHHEAD interviews AGAINST EMPIRE by ThrashHead Magazine

Check out their video!


Also check out this high quality live footage:

Against Empire-The Sword, the Whip & the Gun by MassControlMedia

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