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BAND: Absence öf Youth
ALBUM: Volume One: The Seventh Circle
YEAR: 2012


Written By: Rick
Nov 01 2012

Absence öf Youth is a one man band from Youngsville, Indiana that has given us fifteen tracks of hardcore/sludge with some industrial feel to it. It has the industrial feel due to his not having a drum kit, but instead, using a drum machine to create the drumming as well as the vocals having the sound of some of the industrial/metal bands from the 90s.

The cover and logo are great, with the cover being done by a guy going by the name of Cavewizard. The lyrics are very good, but very buried in the mix, so it's a bit hard to hear everything that he has to say, but the download has the lyrics for you to digest and that helps. This is a totally DIY bedroom recording job, so don't expect this to be studio quality, but he did put in a lot of effort and did a pretty damn good job of it. The song "Three Witches" is an instrumental and very subtle, kind of a breather in the middle of the album, and the song "Blind In One Eye" has a bit of a Metallica sound to it with his quiet parts and louder faster parts in the epic 8:30 long song.

This is a pretty good release, giving us an idea of what this guy who has been doing punk since 1988 has in his head. I'm hoping that he can get a drummer and a bit better production on his next release because he has a lot going on here that I'm looking forward to hearing in the future. He is trying to get a single and a second volume of this out, hope it happens for him, and us. You can find this musician on his facebook page.


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