Come On In, Get To Know Us!

We're not about being fucking "kvlt", "hardcore", or "Metal as fuck", we're not some wannabe elitist rag, we've seen and done too much shit over the decades to pretend to be anything other than who and what we are.

ThrashHead wasn't built around trying to sell you something, it's not a site where only those with the right patches have the respect to exist, we don't do what others do, we don't write what others write, we do whatever the fuck we want to do! ThrashHead was created in order to give a professional platform to anyone who may need it, it's about mutual support, it's about acceptance, it's about fighting back against the prefabricated bullshit which today's music finds itself mired in and the drivel spewed by certain other rags.

While awesome artists struggle more than perhaps they have ever done, "straight to commercial soundbite" music dominates what most people hear nowadays. Sure, there are an abundance of blogs out there, sure there are some pretty rad sites which are promoting some killer tunes, but we wanted this site, code and content, to be as good as the best out there; mainstream or otherwise.

Here you won't find people who think they are better than you, that you're not cool because you're not covered head to toe in ink, that you don't wear the same clothes as those in the tribe others might desperately want to be a part of, we won't judge you if you like to carve it up on a long board rather than popping a gnarly ass 350 flip krook on a twenty stair kinked handrail, we're not going to say you're lame because you don't participate in the wall of death ...we dig you all for who you are; individuals.

We're not going out of our way to be PC, we are not going to promote a single minded belief...simply put, we are not going to follow the direction in which the herd goes, and we sure as hell are not going to be hypocrites.

So, in closing, as it was once put so eloquently by one of our founding members; "We at Thrashhead are lifetime fans and participants of the punk/metal communities, scenes and true underground. Between Thrashhead's main contributors there is almost 100 years of combined head-banging, punk rocking, skateboarding, hardcore thrashing, and acting like a maniac (Whiplash!) experience!"

If that sound's alright to you, come on in, hang out, chill... hell, even hit us up with a PM on the social machines if you have an article just itching to be written. Otherwise, let all those who doubt, piss off!

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