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BAND: Abolitionist
ALBUM: It Used To Rain
YEAR: 2011
Written By: Josh Mosh
Aug 18 2011

This is interesting, not my normal cup of tea and not what we normally put up on the pages on ThrashHead.

ABOLITIONIST don't play pop-punk but aren't afraid of it.  They probably like JAWBREAKER but are probably also big fans of FUGAZI.

If this was the late 80's or early 90's ABOLITIONIST would be on the Discord label and they would fit nicely.  That early indy-rock, college rock, emo-core, post-punk sound is rampant on this disc.

I was never a huge fan of those bands although there were a few that caught my attention: FUGAZI being the main one, DINOSAUR JUNIOR, The SMITHEREENS even SAVALAS.  This is definitely something that would have been huge when I was in college in the early 90's.

Most of it moves forward at an up tempo and the drums keep a simple beat that works for the simple music.  The guitar has just the faintest layer of distortion on it and the riffs are simple yet interesting.  Some of the riffs and leads would even make Ron Emory or Mike Ness smile.

The lyrics, much like many of the previously mentioned bands, are kind artsy and poetic and I have no idea what the songs are about!  But, they fell good and the vocals are talked hard, and sung  just a bit here and there.  Not incredibly powerful, yet not weak.  They work for the music.

The entire thing is catchy and the songs are memorable.  There are hooks galore and the choruses you want to sing along to and dance across the room.

This is a really good effort and I am sure the hipsters of Portland are shitting themselves waiting for the next ABOLITIONIST gig.

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