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BAND: Aberrant
ALBUM: Complete Grindworks
YEAR: 2010
Written By: Josh Mosh
Sep 28 2011

I am not a huge fan of grindcore, some dudes just freak and live for the stuff.  Most of it I can take or leave.  I prefer the punker side of grind, the math metal, technical side of grind bores me.

With a less than enthusiastic introduction to this review I switch gears as fast as ABERRAN T switches tempos...This album fucking owns!!!

Grindcore is the most brutal, most extreme form of music on the planet.  Too many bands play it with reckless abandon and subscribe to the "be brutal for the sake of being brutal" theory.  As a result the music lacks passion. Fortunately  ABERRANT subscribe to the "lets kick ass" theory.  And they are not students, but masters of this theory.

Lets start with the vocals.  Most Grindcore outfits let loose with the low growl and high pitched scream vocals, not much in between.  Alton is a master of his craft and effectively uses his voice to do what is best for each part of the song able to burst from a low growl to a scream with a snap of the snare and back again.  When the song warrants he uses the gurgle, when they are just thrashing he's somewhere in between.  He's a Grindcore vocalist with a bit of a range!  His ability to do so breathes life into each song helping it to stand out and be recognized from one song and to the next.

The guitars straight up fucking shred and explore many styles.  There are the chainsaw buzzing Black Metal grind guitars but there is a lot if Death Metal and even Thrash Metal guitar styles used through the album, again aiding in making each song stand on it's own.  There is so much  tasty thrash riffage on this album MUNICIPAL WASTE could learn a few things.  For instance the mid-tempo/groove part of 'the Path' or even parts 'the Anthem' are so fucking thrashing my cat started moshing around the living room....or maybe his just having an epileptic fit from the lightening fast drumming.  Let  me say that the double kick drum on the record double kicks my ass!   All the musicianship on this record is top notch and there are a lot of folks representing here...                

This is the complete works of ABERRANT, a discography if you will, up to this point.  There are over 35 songs, I have the double vinyl so it is in a gatefold sleeve with all the lyrics.

Organized religion seems to be a main target of this band as well as many socio-political topics.  I hate splatter grind and porno grind and all that stupid shit.  I've passed up on review materials for some high profile bands from big independents because of the lyrics.  ABERRANT have bigger fish to tackle than trying to shock the listener with grotesque lyrics.  They see a corrupt world and want to fucken' rage about it.  Some of the songs are personal blasts of anger and seem to be directed at one dude.  Don't know who the kat is but he sure pissed Alton off!

All in this is a great record and I am stoked to be spinning it.  Ive given it about 10 listens so far and am even more blown away each time.

Aberrant - Lifeless by The Grind Show

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