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BAND: A New Dawn
YEAR: 2012


Written By: Rene
Apr 21 2012

Fuck yeah, these guys hail outta Southern Cali and throw down with some insane crusty punk, reminding me of Anti-Cimex with a dash of Doom and a heavy helping of the newer school blackened metal punk (sans the devil, of course).

Though containing only five tracks they are all d-beat par excellence! Right off the bat, the 2:41 intro grabs you by the throat with its crunchy riff and beat more akin to the build up for a thrash band's pit...sweet!

"Under Siege" and "Nightmares" are both d-beat bone crushers, but "Parasite" is where you get thrown a curve ball, with a really killer "sludgy" intro to it before the song flies off the handle into the mayhem of this band's energy!

The album closes down with the title track "A New Dawn" and the first few drum rolls make me think of the early Cali punk scene, but my reminiscing is quickly shattered once again by gruff vocals and unrelenting barrage of shredding guitar, thumping bass, and drums being beaten like a red-headed stepchild.

All in all, and in layman's terms, darn good! And the cool thing is that this is being offered up free to all! And what do we say when bands hook you up on free tunes? No, not "thanks"...we say get on over to their websites, social media pages, shows, and give them support! Just give 'em a like, talk about them, let others know about their music....pay a buck or two to get some merch...just be cool and show some respect!


Record label from Oakland, CA. Home of CANNABIS CORPSE, GHOUL, DIRECT CONTROL, KICKING SPIT, and many more.
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