A Gallery Of Rogues Volume One Compilation Unleashed!!

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Written By: Rene
May 30 2012

A Gallery Of Rogues cover art

We are so very proud to announce "A Gallery Of Rogues" Compilation album celebrating one year in the trenches chock full of thrash, crust, and blackened metal goodness...and it's completely FREE!!

All we ask is that you get the word out for all the bands (all 36 of em, from legends to new blood!) who appear on this compilation, included with the download is a PDF telling you a bit about the various bands and where to find them on the internet.  Remember, they were cool enough to give you a tune, you can give them a "like", "follow", buy some merch, see them live or score one of their albums!

Enjoy everyone!

Four "well seasoned" veterans of the Boston Punk and Hardcore scene!
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