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Written By: Josh Mosh
Nov 28 2011

3-d render of world trade center buildings and chess board

Rene ran his article on why a 9-11 type conspiracy could be a possibility, using the actions of our own government as a historical reference; the world stage was set for it and American foreign policy was the spring board. It was very well researched and I hope that I can complement his article with this piece. I am taking a bit more direct approach and at the same time addressing another article that I have recently read about 9-11 . In Profane Existence number 63 a fellow scribe chucks all "theories" out the window and simply states we (the US) deserved it because of our foreign policy practices before he goes on to call many of the experts that have spoken out "uncredited (sic) and unknown"...(I'll address that claim directly further on) Wow...If only it were that easy...

In this day it just down right blows my mind that more people still don't quite question the events of 9-11. Hell, I even know self-described conservative Christians that reject the "official" story and know there was more to the events of that day than what was fed to the public, but still foreign countries seem more interested in finding the truth than many of our countrymen and are even bewildered by our own population's ability to swallow the bullshit story.

To really understand what happened we have to define what false flag terrorism is and how it has been used throughout history and even the history of the United States. False Flag Terrorism or False Flag (or even known as Black Flag ops! --- > PUNK!) operations are covert ops designed to deceive the public by blaming the events on another country in an effort to forward an agenda. That's pretty basic and in even more basic terms it is when a government carries out or knowingly allows for a terroristic event to occur. They make it look as if the other entity was solely responsible and they scare the public into giving up certain rights and even getting the public's backing to engage in war. Another phrase that gets tossed around is Problem / Reaction / Solution. The government presents a problem to drive a reaction from the people so they can roll out their solution that often includes war and the removal of basic civil liberties. Sound familiar? Yeah, I bet the wheels are turning already...Bear with me though, let's not jump to the chase just yet. We need a little history lesson first.

Diocletian was a Roman Emperor a long time ago, like back when there was such a thing, a few hundred years into the Common Era. This dude thought that he needed to impose some strict laws, basically strip his people of their rights in an effort to protect them (again, sound familiar?) and secure his own power. To do this he needed to rally the population around a common enemy. Know what else? He also declared the economy to be in crisis! I kid you not.

The Christians were causing trouble (as they sometimes do) and he though they would make the perfect target. If he could get everyone to see how dangerous they were he could rally the populace against them while taking away their rights to basic freedoms and through fear mongering secure his place in power. So he burned a palace down and blamed it on them. It was that simple and only a few key people were in the know. Most were just characters in his play without any knowledge of the bigger story, they only knew their part and carried out their role. Piece of cake.

One of the most famous instances of a False Flag terrorism is when the Nazi fuck Hitler burned down the Reichstag and used the even to shut down the free press, restricted public liberties, issue warrants for home searches beyond the limits of anything legal all in the name of protecting the people. Again, this helped him to control the press and secure his power.

In our own history we can see similar events when we bother to look. The Big One, World War II and the US's entry into, it is a well-documented portrayal of False Flag terrorism. Contrary to what John Wayne might have had us believe WWII was not popular with the American people but FDR and his cohorts wanted in. So they provoked the Japanese into attacking Pearl Harbor. We knew they were coming! Higher ranking officers were moved out; they were there to get blasted into shark bait. Now the people were on board, they wanted revenge.

Don't believe, go look it up. There are volumes of books and first-hand accounts of the series of events that took place before that day that will live in infamy. It's all over the interweb...Go look it up!

How about Vietnam?...Our entry into Vietnam was the Gulf of Tonkin incident. President Johnson and his puppeteers wanted a reason to expand on the covert war they were already fighting in Southeast Asia against the Communists. He needed an event that could commit the US to a ground fight in the jungles of Vietnam so they claimed that the U.S. Destroyer the Madox had been attacked and them attacked again two days later. That was all it took to commit the United States to the bloodiest and messiest war in our history. In 2005 documents were de-classified that revealed the events in the Gulf of Tonkin never took place! I do not bullshit you! LOOK IT UP!

Now let's look back about 10 years...

Yup, our foreign policy surely got us some enemies. That cannot be disputed, but is certainly not the be all and end all reasoning for the events of 9-11. There are piles of reasons that US would orchestrate this event or allow it to happen. For simplicity I am going to throw a few of the most obvious out there for you to chew on: 1) Iraq has oil and lots of it, 2) Afghanistan sits one of the richest mineral deposits in the world, 3) the rise of the police state and the Patriot Act. People were getting to loosey goosey and critical of Bush and his whack job buddies. Pull the people together against a common enemy; take away some basic liberties in the name of a safer world...Where have we heard this before? I think we have ourselves a little game of Problem / Reaction / Solution going here!

Now that we have somewhat of an understand of how and why something like 9-11 could take place I want to be more specific in addressing Profane Existence number 63 and the flaws that I see in that article rather than rattle off bits and pieces of evidence and try to build an irrefutable explanation for 9-11. There are plenty of books and sites devoted to that with way more research and time behind them. All I am asking of you and Damien Inbred is to take a few minutes to do some of your own research and don't be so quick to shrug off the role of our government in the events of 9-11.

In the article it is said that this "truther" stuff is "bullshit" and quickly lumps anyone who thinks there is more than meets the eye here into the Alex Jones camp. Let's make sure we all understand that Alex Jones is a sensationalist who makes a living at what he does. He does however have the resources to dig into whatever issue is floating his boat at any given time. He has the staff to research the issues and dig up some very interesting facts. I have my own issues with Mr. Jones and it is very unfair to throw anyone that questions the official story or questions authority for that matter into his camp. To call it "bullshit" is, well...bullshit and quite lazy.

The part that really gets me about this article are the references made to "uncredited (sic) and unknown scientists". Unknown...Unknown to who? Of course they were / are unknown before all this happened. I certainly didn't keep a list of engineers, professors and scientists in my pocket before all this happened. Let's stop right here and take a look at who some of these "unknown" people are, their credentials and what they have said:

• William Rodriguez – He was a janitor at the trade center. I admit, maybe not the most credentialed person, but his first-hand account of that day includes bombs that went off on the lower levels. He saved people that were coming up from lower levels with their skin burned and hanging off their bones before the collapse. These injuries were not accrued from planes hitting the upper levels. William saved 15 people! Google his name and read what he has to say. Powerful stuff.
• Larry Silverstein – The owner of the World Trade Centers! "I remember getting a call from the, uh, fire department commander, telling me that they were not sure they were gonna be able to contain the fire, and I said, 'You know, we've had such terrible loss of life, may be the smartest thing to do is, is pull it. And they made that decision to pull and then we watched the building collapse." Holy shit! How can you write that off?
• Prof. Steven E. Jones (Dept. of Physics and Astronomy at BYU ) Says that it was a controlled demolition and explosives were used.
• Kevin Ryan (Worked for Underwriter Laboratories – the company that certified the steel used to build the WTC) – He says there is no way the steel melted causing the buildings to collapse. He rattles off all the specs on the steel and states it's not possible. Go figure!

Here are names and titles of others who have spoken out. Again, they seem pretty accredited to me...

• Nila Sagadevan – Aeronautical Engineer
• Rodger Herbst – Aeronautical, Astronautical and Mechanical Engineer
• Dr. Robert Bowman – Head of Advanced Space Programs for DOD, Lt. Col for the United States Air Force
• Lets see...There are Colonels in the USAF, veteran National Intelligence Officers, military analysts and the list goes on...Who do you want to hear it from? Rumsfeld himself would be nice...

Now the article goes on to complain that it would take years to plan (it did, this was in the works for a while) and it would take "thousands of conspirators". A common misconception and criticism of False Flag terrorism is that it would be impossible to pull off because too many people would need to be in the know when in fact that idea couldn't be any further from the truth. To orchestrate such an event there is usually only a hand full of people with an understanding of the big picture. Most involved only have a small role and carry out their specific parts without any understanding of how they play a small part in much bigger action. That is how black ops are carried out, you don't go telling everyone. The actors just know their lines and that's that, they are not privy to the full screen play...There probably weren't a lot of people with the full script beyond Cheney, Rumsfeld and their ilk. The people that needed to know knew. Anyone else was just in a supporting role. " Say your lines, do your thing and get off the set. Oh yeah...Don't forget to sign this gag order or we'll kill your kids, your family, your wife's family, your dog and your goldfish".

Again, Rene's article  brilliantly outlines how American foreign and domestic policy made the events of 9-11 possible. Unfortunately not enough people look beyond that and swallow the "we deserved it" line way too fast. Taking that stand does not take much more than just accepting the Bush Administration's version of events, it's too easy of a way out. False Flag terrorism has been played out for as long as governments have fought wars and lusted for control of their people and 9-11 is no different.

The information is out there...My quick essay is certainly not meant to build a concrete theory, I really haven't even offered any answers I am just merely asking you to look again and dig in a little. I left so many of the "facts" out that would be needed to really build a case. My intention was simply to ask the reader to think a little and dig deeper for answers. Question authority and don't let others think for you.

And by the way...Alex Jones has his place. He's accessible and entertaining. But don't let him be your only guide down this windy path... There are a million other sites out there. For many, like me, he is / was a stepping stone into a new world. Kind of like when I first got into punk. You start with the Sex Pistols, add a little Black Flag, some Exploited and before you know what happened it's 25 years later and you're pounding out an essay on 9-11 while cranking War//Plague in the background... Happy truth hunting!

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