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BAND: 908
YEAR: 2014


Written By: Fish
May 06 2014

908 band

Every once in a while true veterans of a scene will get together and form something astounding, and this year Rocky Mountain grindcore seems to be on fucking fire!! It wasn't long ago I was listening to one such group and bringing a review about that sweet hellfire, but do I ever have something new to share with you again! Collected from such acts as Aberrant, Catheter, Clinging To the Trees of a Forest Fire, Blighter, Throcult, Deadspeak, and Enemy Reign, what emerges is a fusion of grindcore and death metal known now as 908! Holy shredding terror, these lads, and lassie, can hand it down! I actually spent the entire afternoon listening to this because the vibrance of what was put together here just begged for an audience. This is literally the kind of band that gets you pumped for a pit just jamming them on your phone, which I did.....and did.

Comprised of Chris Cannell (guitars), J.P. Damron (drums), Bryan Ostrow (guitars and vox), and Cassie Begay (bass) 908 are a powerhouse of energy worth checking out. Not only are every one of them extremely capable musical warriors, but Ostrow just blows my mind with his ability do duel his own vocals in an almost Cannibal Corpse (Chris Barnes era) versus Phobia assault! I'm telling you, this is a fuckin wicked plate here!

Now, my only complaint is that the 7 tracks give you only a little less than 15 minutes worth of jams, but that didn't stop me from jamming it all afternoon! Now, what makes this more of a treasure is that this self titled, self released EP was produced by none other than Dave Otero of Flatline Audio, giving it the mastery of balance and power it truly deserves. Just listen, you'll hear it.

Currently available for purchase and download at http://908grind.bandcamp.com/releases, 908's "908" is worth every minute and penny you give it!

Keep track of the band on Facebook, as I hear not only are there plans to press this onto vinyl, and possibly CD, but to keep updated on tour dates and info. Trust me, you won't want to miss them!

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