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BAND: 3 Inches Of Blood
ALBUM: Long Live Heavy Metal
YEAR: 2012

Century Media 

Written By: Jason
May 07 2012

3 Inches of Blood is certainly not a band that you can easily pigeon hole in this age of genre laden metal. I was immediately taken back to the Defenders of the Faith era of Judas Priest on the opening riff of "Metal Woman"...then when Cam Pipes' vocals shifted into gear, it solidified the deal! This is a classic and epic metal song all wrapped into one! No matter how people may try, this band is not easy to label and I think they like it that way; covering subject matters from Hockey to the Medieval age with a tribute to the late great Ronnie James Dio. The musicianship and production on here is superb-it is a joy to listen to.

"My Sword Will Not Sleep" is another EPIC metal song. The time changes and range of Cam's vocals in this song are just plain amazing! Again, Rob Halford comes to mind...it's easily my favorite on the album!

Other highlights of the album are: "Look Out" which is an all out metal assault tribute to Ronnie James Dio; referencing everything in the entire time span of his career and is a very fitting tribute. I applaud the guys from 3IOB for honoring Mr. Dio and his place in metal history. "Leave it on the Ice" is a thunderous and thrashy galloping tune honoring the band's favorite sport: hockey...I can almost hear this being blasted over the PA in ice arenas across the continent! Ouch, you just got body checked!

"Storming Juno" is a tribute to the Canadian soldiers from WWII and their battles on Juno Beach in Normandy on June 6th 1944; very cool vibe and honoring song which almost has an Iron Maiden feel to it. Talk about a shredding guitar solo ! "One for the Ditch" is a very unique instrumental with an Irish folk feel; it's a very cool song.

As I said before-you cannot put this band or album in any certain genre. They are far too unique in their sound and presentation for that. Cam's vocals range from Halford like screams to death metal growls. I really had to put some time into this one to get the feel before I could put it in writing; I thoroughly enjoy this new album, and I think you will too!

3 INCHES OF BLOOD - Metal Woman (OFFICIAL VIDEO) by Century Media Records

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